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"Computer People"

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You know the ones.  The countless numbers of "computer people" who run lots and lots of computer businesses around.  I'll be blunt, most of them know just enough to be dangerous.  Sure, they think they know about computers, they truly do.  They can put a computer together from pieces, so, they think they know enough. 

I can't tell you the number of "professional" installations I have seen that simply amaze me with the incompetence with which they were done.  Business installs without surge suppressors, proper grounding, battery backup on the "critical" servers, no data backup strategy.  These people are just one electrical surge/lightning strike away from disaster, with no safety plan.  And forget future growth, most of these systems aren't designed with that in mind (not that I think their designers were capable of thinking of anything as complicated as tomorrow, let alone next year).

I have no solution for this.  The non computer people of the world think these people know what they are doing, because they know more than they do.  I can't blame them for that. 

Sound familiar?  If this has happened to you, find someone to fix it before your systems fail and you lose all your data.  Hardware is cheap.  Your data is the critical part.  And if you are responsible for setting one of these systems up without proper protection/backup, either learn to do it right or get out of the "profession".  If you can't think to set up a business system better than that, you have no rights to call yourself a professional.

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