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Wireless security, or lack thereof is a huge problem.  Ever done a little wardriving?  Try it sometime and you will be amazed to find that over 90% of all wireless setups are wide open.  This is not a U.S. problem only, its worldwide (yep, I wardrive in other countries as well).  Want to know why there is so much spam out there, how about virus after virus, worm after worm?  Its because of open wireless systems. 

Spammers, virus writers, worm creators, etc.  Will not stop until they can be found and punished (ok, that's simplistic, there will be some that will never stop).  If someone knew they were going to get caught and punished, do you think they would launch the next attack? 

Right now, there is zero chance of ever catching these people because all they have to do is write something, go to some poor unsuspecting wireless users house/business, and upload away.  If it ever does get tracked back, they track it back to the wrong place.  And the trail vanishes from there.

I am not saying open wireless hotspots are a bad thing.  There are ways to secure those to still allow them to be useable, but limit their uses to the casual wannabe hacker.  Trust me, there are also ways to secure systems absolutely.  And anyone with enough skill can easily get into a system that does not at least have WEP turned on.

Whose fault is it?  Hard to say, but I place the blame on the manufacturers.  No one will say it, but If they shipped the things with security turned on out of the box, their tech support costs would rise (probably a lot, never underestimate the inability of some people to understand hardware).

Until its fixed however, get ready, you think we have virus problems now?  Just haven't seen anything yet.

So, if you have wireless, and don't at least have WEP turned on, YOU are part of the problem.  Fix it, if you can't, find someone who can.

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